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TIRES Trucking Safety Program Development Tool


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The need to have an effective written safety program tops workplace safety and health rule compliance issues for Washington State trucking companies. In response, the Trucking Injury Reduction Emphasis (TIRES) project is providing the TIRES Trucking Safety Program Development Tool to enable trucking companies to develop a tailored and effective safety program that exceeds basic state requirements. Designed in collaboration with trucking industry and labor safety experts, the tool inputs user information to build a unique, customized safety program that meets a company’s specific needs. Having a company safety program is the best way to protect truck drivers and other employees from hazards that can cause injuries and fatalities, keeping workers on the job and business operations stable.

This free, one of a kind, web-based tool gives companies the ability to create and update a safety program tailored to their specific mix of trucks, trailers, equipment, and work environments. Users can also sign up to receive safety and health rule change email updates. Using this cutting edge tool, trucking companies can have a comprehensive safety program that covers the following areas:

The tool’s simple user-friendly features make creating a company safety program a snap from start to finish. All you need to get started is a Google Chrome internet browser, a printer, and a few minutes to enter some basic company information, the tool will do the rest. Your final download will contain the following:

You will also be able to download companion resources that can help apply your program. Your safety program will need periodic tune-ups for best performance. The tool gives each user a unique Safety Program ID number that will let you update your program and print a revision log at any time. To get started, read the Step-by-Step how to for instructions, and watch the short video Using the TIRES Trucking Safety Program Development Tool to get a sneak peek of all the features in the Safety Program tool. We also encourage you to review the related eLearning modules for more information and training resources.

The TIRES Trucking Safety Program Development tool can be accessed here.