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Technical Report



Trucking Industry: Examining Injuries for Prevention, Washington State, 2006-2012


Published November 2014



This report analyzes data from the Washington State workers' compensation fund over the years 2006-2012 to target injury prevention activities where they will be the most effective.


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Executive summary

Definitions and data sources

Fatality data

All injury types, all sectors combined

Strain, sprain or overexertion injuries

Fall from elevation

Fall on the same level

Struck by or against

Vehicle-related injuries

All other injuries combined


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General freight, less than truckload

General freight, truckload

Specialized freight, not including movers

Specialized freight, movers only

Waste hauling

Couriers and messengers


Data is further defined in the appendices:




Preventing Injuries in the Trucking Industry, Focus Report


Published Spring 2008






Click here to download Preventing Injuries in the Trucking Industry, Focus Report