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Everyone's motivation for heading into work each day is different... family, vacations, friends, golf, status, or just paying the bills.


The list is long and varies throughout a worker's life. One thing we all have in common is the expectation that we will go home at the end of a day safe and healthy. This doesn't happen for the thousands of trucking industry workers that are injured each year on the job. However, communication between workers and employers, vigilance on the job, and the right equipment and policies can make sure an on-the-job injury does not happen at your company.


These posters remind workers and companies to address hazardous conditions before an injury occurs.


Spotting hazards

Your best friend is depending on you to work safe (poster printable on letter size or 11x17 paper)

Work safe, so you can have fun ....(poster printable on letter size or 11x17 paper)

What's your reason for working safe?.... Can also be printed on 11x17 paper

You wouldn't want to miss this...

Who needs you home safe?

The most important reason to be safe at work is not at work....

Save your back for the good things in life... Can also be printed on 11x17 paper

Your safety gear

Stay safe, stay working

Would your son mind if you couldn't shoot a few hoops? Can also be printed on 11x17 paper  |  En EspaƱol

Dem bones... Can also be printed on 11x17 paper