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Have policies in place that keep other workers out

of the path of the forklift.


Here are some materials to help with your training:


Take charge of batteries

Abate the weight - it really happened

Safety poster to remind workers on foot to be safe around forklifts..... Print on letter or 11x17 size paper.

Hand over your keys - tip sheet

Take one for the team? - true story

Load shift cost his life - true story

Tight Squeeze? - poster ....Print on letter or 11x17 size paper.

Stay alert when working around forklifts - true story

Communication is key - true story


Be a Pro

Football ....Print on letter or 11x17 size paper.

Baseball .... Print on letter or 11x17 size paper.





Washington State Department of Labor & Industries information on Powered Industrial Trucks (lift trucks & forklifts.)

SHARP Program | Department of Labor & Industries | PO Box 44330 | Olympia, Washington 98504-4330

Phone: 1-888-667-4277 | Contact web developer at TIRES@Lni.wa.gov

Loading and unloading trucks can be a hazardous process.


Forklift drivers themselves are rarely injured, but injuries and fatalities happen to co-workers and drivers that are struck or crushed by the forklift or freight.